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Heftzungen weisslackiert
File prongs, white lacquered
Content 1000 piece
From €10.68 *
Heftzungen goldlackiert
File prongs, gold lacquered
Content 1000 piece
From €10.48 *
Heftzungen kunststoffummantelt
File prongs, plastic coated
Content 1000 piece
From €15.79 *

Filing tabs from Moog & Langenscheidt are manufactured from cold rolled strips using a punching process and are available in standard gold or white lacquered and white plastic-coated versions. You can choose between many different versions. As a single filing tab, double filing tab, in a U-shape or with a wide middle section as well as a Genius clip. They all serve the same purpose, namely to file your perforated pages safely and quickly.  As we manufacture our filing tabs in our own production, you can be sure of "made in Germany" quality. Many of our long-standing customers trust in this and have been enjoying consistent top quality for years. You too can experience our quality products for yourself. We offer you a large selection of standard lengths. Special lengths can be produced on request. These can be produced in almost any desired length. Filing tabs are mainly used in folders and bank statement files. However, no filing mechanism can do without them. They are the heart of the filing system. That's why it's all the more important to rely on good and long-lasting quality here. Although the filing strips are primarily used for filing perforated pages, in these times with the global Coronavirus crisis they are also often used as practical nose clips in face masks. In this area, our plastic-coated filing tabs are very popular, as they offer protection against corrosion due to the coating and have a longer life span when used as nose clips. Our cover strips provide a supplement to this. These are also punched in our own production and therefore harmonise perfectly with our filing tabs. The cover strips not only ensure a harmonious overall appearance, they also give the filing tab increased stability and ensure even more secure filing of the pages. At the same time, they prevent the filing tab from bending unintentionally, thus increasing its service life. Cover strips are available in both metal and plastic. The handling of the filing tabs is self-explanatory. Perforated pages are put on, optionally a cover strip is put on, the tabs are laid down and your pages are held securely. So you always know that your documents are filed safely and neatly. A big advantage of our filing tabs is their flexibility. They're very easy to bend or shape and still won't break off - even after multiple and intensive use. Here you can see for yourself our high quality standard. With filing tabs from Moog & Langenscheidt you're guaranteed that you can file your documents quickly and keep them securely filed for a long time.