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Tube mechanisms,
Content 100 piece
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Archive Filing Clips, "Mamo mechanisms"
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Tube mechanisms, yellow-white
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Archive Clip, nature
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Moog & Langenscheidt's archive filing clips give you the opportunity to bind your documents and records permanently so that everything is held firmly together during archiving and none of your documents are lost. Whether it's for project-related archiving, quarterly archiving or annual archiving, our range of archive filing clips makes it easier and simpler for you to bind your archived documents and remove individual pages. The archive filing clips hold the documents together safely and orderly. These archive filing clips are available in various designs. For easy opening and closing, as with the tubular filing systems, or in the permanently closed version, as with the Mamo mechanism or the archive clip. Just the way you want or need it for your requirements and application. Our archive filing clips consist of the filing part, the cover strip and a transfer clip or transfer tube. With the tube mechanism or Mamo mechanism filing you can also easily access individual pages in a document by simply pulling the overlying pages onto the transfer tube or transfer hanger, removing the page and pushing the overlying pages back onto the filing part. In this way, the pages you don't need are still ordered and don't get mixed up, and you stay in your workflow. This feature gives you quick and easy access to one or more specific pages in your document. There's no need to remove and re-thread all the pages. That's what makes these archive filing clips so user-friendly for you as a user. In addition, the self-adhesive plate allows you to permanently glue the archive filing clip, mamo mechanism or the tube filing mechanism into an envelope, which you can label according to the project or process. In this way you can easily produce a practical binder yourself. With our archive filing clips you can also easily remove documents from a folder and use it for further processes. This has a further positive effect on resources, which are then conserved. Our archive filing clips are all designed and conceived for long-term, safe use, so that your documents will be safely filed and archived for many years. All of our archive filing clips, including the self-adhesive plate for the archive filing clip, comply with the REACH regulation and thus achieve a high degree of safety.