The elastic cords from Moog & Langenscheidt don't just bring colour into play, but can also provide numerous organisational tools with a practical fastener. Elastic cords are our speciality. With our wide range of colours and flexible machinery, we can cover a huge product spectrum like no one else on the market. The elastic cords we cut and make up with split pins have a strong tensile force and are extremely durable. Even after multiple and intensive use, the elastic cords retain their tensile strength. Our elastic cords in the round elastic version have a diameter of approx. 2 mm and are available in lengths from 50 mm up to 590 mm as standard length and can be ordered directly in our online store. Special lengths are of course possible. Just send us your inquiry. You can choose from more than 20 colours. You can pick the split pins at both ends of the elastic cord. However, there's also a version that already comes with a split pin. Here both ends of the elastic cord are closed to a ring.  The split pins are available in nickel, brass, copper and black. Our elastic cords in the flat elastic version have a width of approx. 5 mm and are available in lengths from 90 mm to 550 mm as standard. There are more than 10 colours available. Special lengths and special colours can also be produced here. The flat elastics are also available with two split pins at the ends or with one split pin closed to the ring. The split pins are also available in nickel, brass, copper and black. With our elastic cords you can equip a number of articles with a very simple and user-friendly closure. For example a stapler, calendar, appointment planner or notebooks. With the help of the two split pins, they can be attached to the spine of the book and then stretched around the cover. In this way you have a closure that prevents unintentional opening. The elastic cords closed to form a ring are mostly used as covers for loose sheets in notebooks or menus. Elastic cords can also be used simply as a closure for bundling or picking. Our elastic cords have a minimum quantity of only 100 pieces. This gives you the freedom to produce even small series and you are not bound to a large purchase quantity. Please note, however, that all elastic cords are made to order and so they cannot be exchanged.