Binding posts for sample collections

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Bindestifte für Musterkollektionen schwarz 45 mm
Binding posts for sample collections, black
Content 100 piece
From €22.75 *
Bindestifte für Musterkollektionen 45 mm weiss
Binding posts for sample collections, white
Content 100 piece
From €22.75 *

With Moog & Langenscheidt's plastic binding pins you can hold your sample collections together safely, stably and permanently. Whether it's a wallpaper book, fabric sample collections, carpet sample book or colour fans: With our binding pins, your sample collections will always stay securely and permanently bound together. The solidly manufactured binding pins are available in 5 different standard lengths. You have the choice from 45 mm, 65 mm, 85 mm, 140 mm and 205 mm length. The standard colours are white and black. On request, the binding pins can also be manufactured in RAL colours, but a minimum quantity must be guaranteed. Due to the simple and flat design of the head and the locking disc, the binding pin fits very well into the overall design of your high-quality sample books, for a uniform and round appearance with your sample book, your product and corporate design at the customer. The pins are not very bulky, but still offer the necessary closing force. Each binding pin has a plastic locking disc which is simply placed on the locking catches of the binding pin and can be pressed together to the appropriate height of the samples. If the length of the pins doesn't match the height of your sample collection, this is no problem. You can easily change the length of the binding pins to the appropriate length after you've fitted and positioned the locking disc. This is also possible with a sturdy pair of office scissors; no other tools are required. With the large head diameter of the binding pins and the locking disc diameter of 24 mm, your high-quality sample collections have a stable hold and are thus securely and well protected against tearing out in your sample folder or sample case. Due to the large distinctive locking catches on the binding pin and the stable locking disc, your collection is always firmly installed and locked in the sample book - during use and also when it's carried by the holder - and thus well protected against unintentional opening. To ensure a high level of product safety for you, our binding pins together with the locking disc are compliant with the REACH regulation. In addition, the plastic material used to manufacture the binding pins and the sealing washer is highly recyclable and reusable. In this way you and we save valuable resources and at the same time protect our environment..