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Heftringe aus Metall silber vernickelt
Binding rings,
nickel plated
Content 100 piece
From €13.56 *
Heftringe aus Kunststoff weiss
Binding rings made of plastic, white
Content 100 piece
From €7.99 *

The filing rings from Moog & Langenscheidt have a wide range of uses.  As they can be easily opened and closed again and again, the material being filed can always be changed flexibly. They are therefore ideally suited for daily use. You have the choice between metal or plastic versions. In terms of quality there are no differences. Our filing rings are opened by pressing them slightly apart and simultaneously pulling on the closure. To close, the rings are simply pressed together again. Due to the toothing at the ring end, they are hooked together again and no longer open unintentionally. So you can safely store the material to be hung up or joined in the filing rings. The sturdy construction makes it possible to hang up even heavy objects easily and safely. Unwanted bending or opening is almost impossible. Since the fastener can be opened and closed at any time, the filing rings are versatile and can easily be used several times. Due to the wide range of diameters and the associated filling levels of the filing rings, you can use them for many different purposes. For instance, for binding sample collections, hanging up sales signs or placing posters. As already mentioned, the product can be exchanged easily and quickly due to the easy handling of the filing rings. The fact that filing rings can be quickly equipped with filling material and easily hung up makes them particularly suitable for use at the point of sale or display area. Advertising material or tear-off items are easily presented to the customer. Filing rings can also be used to create very robust ring binders or ring binders in which the filling material can also be changed flexibly. The filing rings can reach a filling height of 14 mm up to 76 mm. Depending on the area of application, we offer you the appropriate filling height.  The metal version is available in nickel-plated optics. Thanks to the neutral colour, they fit well into any application; in addition, the filing rings are protected against corrosion by their finishing. Our plastic filing rings are available in white. With a thickness of only 2 mm to 3 mm, they fit through any conventional hole punched with a paper hole punch.  The thickness depends on the filling level of the filing rings.