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The book corner protectors from Moog & Langenscheidt give your menus a classy and professional appearance, as well as making a good impression on the customer or guest. Our various book corner protectors can be used in a variety of ways, whether in a restaurant for your menu, in a wine bar for your wine list, in a beer garden or in an ice cream parlour. They can be attached not just to menus, but also to writing boards, organisation folders, photo albums, log books, displays or other items where protection of sensitive corners and edges must be guaranteed to give the product a perfect visual impression over the long term - even when it is subjected to heavy use. In addition, your products will be enhanced with these book corner protectors, as they give a high-quality appearance and set themselves apart from the crowd. For example, protect your valuable photos and memories in a high-quality photo album. You'll enjoy it again and again when you pick it up. Our book corner protectors are available from a side format of 10 x 10 mm up to the largest side format of 50 x 50 mm in various shapes. The filling heights of the book corner protectors start at 1.5 mm for the smaller dimensions and range up to approx. 4 mm for the larger dimensions. With the many different filling heights and shapes, you're sure to find a suitable book corner protector for your application. Special filling heights for certain book corner protectors are possible, but must be clarified on request. The standard surfaces of the book corner protectors are nickel-plated (shiny silver) and passivated (shiny gold). Coloured surfaces are possible, but these can also be clarified on request. All surface finishes on our book corner protectors serve as an optical finish and are not suitable for permanent outdoor use, which means that they are susceptible to corrosion. Our book corner protectors can be assembled manually, with a knuckle-joint press or even more conveniently with a pneumatic press. We can arrange both presses for you. For the assembly of our book corner protectors we also have a corresponding assembly tool in our delivery range, which can be used on the toggle press or the pneumatic press. Our book corner protectors with nickel-plated and passivated electroplated surfaces comply with the REACH regulation. This means that we offer you the highest possible level of product safety.