Flat Elastics with Metal Ends

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Our flat elastic cords are 5 mm wide and hold things in place really securely, and they're also very long-lasting. Even after being regularly used for long periods of time the elastic doesn't lose its tension. With over 10 standard colours to choose from you'll quickly find the right colour for your product. The minimum order quantity is just 100 items. So you can obtain even small batches quickly and easily and you aren't tied to ordering large volumes. The flat elastic cords are produced in-house here at Moog – so we can produce the elastic cords and send them out to you both quickly and reliably. The flat elastic cords can be used as a simple closing mechanism for folders, personal organisers and files etc., or to hold menus and calendars together. Of course, the flat elastic cords can also be used for many other purposes due to their ease of use. You can use them for whatever takes your fancy! We can produce the flat elastic cords with a splint at each end. Here in our shop you can choose between the standard lengths from 90 – 550 mm. You can also select the splints that you want to use – we can make the rubber pull cords with nickel-plated, brass-plated or copper-plated ends, or with black ends. This design is suitable for folders, personal organisers, binders, calendars and many other uses. We can also provide ring-shaped, splinted flat elastic cords. In this case too we can make them with nickel-plated, brass-plated or copper-plated splints, or with black splints. They are also available in our shop in standard lengths ranging from 50 – 590 mm.  The ring-shaped flat elastic cords can, for example, be used to hold menus or brochures together, or simply to attach a label to your product. Here too you can let your creativity run riot because the ring-shaped flat elastic cords are very versatile since they are so easy to use. Because the flat elastic cords are produced by us in-house, we can of course manufacture other lengths as well. Our extensive range of machinery means that our production operations are very flexible, so we are able to cater for customers' specific requirements. If you want to have a flat elastic cord of a different length or in a different colour, simply ask us about it. We'll be happy to send you a quotation by return. We're always pleased to provide advice and assistance. Please note that all the flat elastic cords are manufactured to order, and we are therefore unable to exchange them.