Round Elastics

Moog & Langenscheidt's round elastic pull cords are made of a material with a diameter of approx. 2 mm. The elastic cores are sheathed in coloured yarn. Based on our standard colour chart, you can choose from 20 different colours. You can take a look at our standard range of colours on our website. You're bound to find a colour there that's just right for you. Differences between the original colour and the colours in the photos may occur for technical reasons, but they don't provide grounds for making a claim against us. Special colours can be provided, but they have to be specially agreed, and a corresponding minimum order quantity applies. The lengths of round elastic pull cords that you require are manufactured on our machines and cut to the appropriate length. Then we fix our metal splints on both ends. The round elastic pull cords range in length from just 50 mm to 590 mm. These figures refer to the cut length of the elastic cord in each case. Round elastic pull cords can also be made in special lengths upon request. The tensile strength of our round elastic pull cords is very long-lasting and doesn't diminish even after they've been used on a regular basis. The splints with which the round elastic pull cords are fitted are nickel-plated as standard; however, we can if you wish provide special orders of brass-plated, copper-plated or black splints. Please get in touch with us if you would like to have further information. The round elastic pull cords with splints on each end are very versatile in terms of how they can be used, e.g. as corner elastics for keeping folders closed. They can be incorporated into menu folders as a means of holding the menus in place, or be used for fixing labels in place or for hanging up information displays, or alternatively as a string, e.g. for hanging an ID card around your neck. But there are many more possible uses. As you can see, our round elastic pull cords with splints are almost infinitely versatile. All the standard colours shown on our website can generally be supplied from our warehouse as primary materials – which we can then promptly finish according to your order and send out to you. In order to be able to guarantee excellent product safety for you, all our round elastic pull cords with metal splints comply with the Oeko Tex 100 label and the REACH Regulation. What's more, when you purchase the round elastic pull cords with metal splints you are helping to secure jobs in Germany and you can be assured that you are buying a high-quality product.