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Collection hooks are always a good choice for fitting objects with a hanging device. This is especially popular for sample collections for textiles, carpets or colour cards. The hook is pulled through the hole in the collection and hung. The plate or base of the collection hooks provides the necessary stability to hold the suspended object securely. In this way you can present your sample collections safely and clearly to the customer. In addition to sample collections, packaging can also be easily hung on the shelf with a collection hanger. Our collection hangers are made of stable hard plastic or metal. The hard PVC version is available in white and black. The metal version is available in nickel and brass as well as white and black lacquered. Both variants are impressively stable. The metal version, in particular, has an impressively elegant appearance. We offer the collection hooks made of plastic and metal as a two-part version, consisting of a hook and a base plate, or as a one-part version where the base plate is already integrated. The function and handling remain the same. In addition to the main function of hanging the collection hook and the equipped object, there is another variant: You attach the collection hook to a rail on the ceiling or a wall and thus have a hook for hanging. There you can easily and vividly hang up samples or display items. You can also use the collection hook to hang up jackets, bags and the like. With their curved and filigree shape, the metal collection hooks are extremely attractive. The brass version in particular also has a very refined appearance due to the gold hue. These collection hooks are usually found in furniture stores, DIY stores and retail outlets. There they are mainly equipped with sample collections. In the retail trade, individual high-quality articles are also often presented using a collection hook. This emphasises the value of the goods again and makes a good impression on the customer. In addition, handling the product is made much easier. Removing and putting back the products is effortless and simple. Your customers will certainly be impressed by our collection hangers. The collection hangers are also used at the POS. There you can easily hang up clip strips and place them within easy reach for the consumer. Furthermore, collection hooks can also be used at trade fair stands and exhibitions. This allows you to present a very diverse range of articles to your potential customers.