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Wire compressor, with small insert
Content 100 piece
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Wire compressor, with wide insert
Content 100 piece
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Compressor bar
Content 100 piece
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Our retaining clips - "made in Germany" by us - are the best and easiest way to fix pages in a folder. They're available in different versions for different ring distances. You can also use our clip to fix pages in a folder in the classic way. While our clips are only suitable for the 80 mm ring spacing, our self-made retaining clips also cover the 65 mm ring spacing. These are available with either a narrow or wide insert. A small filigree version is also available. All are suitable for DIN A4 and DIN A5 formats. Place the retaining clip or clip on the rings and push it upwards or press on the clip to create a firm hold. You can now hold the pages in your folder securely and firmly without them slipping. To release, push down or press on the clamp again. Despite their small size, these inconspicuous helpers make your everyday office life much easier. As our retaining clips are flat, you can also easily separate sections in a folder. There's no avoiding a retaining clip when it comes to achieving the full effect of a folder. Besides the fact that the pages are fastened, their life span is extended at the same time, because important documents are stored safely and cannot be torn out. Many smaller ring binders are mostly available without a clamp or retaining clip. In combination with our clamps or retaining clips, you get the most out of your ring binders.Even 4-ring binders can be equipped with one or even two retaining clips.  Our retaining clips don't just look impressively elegant, but the quality of the production "made in Germany" can be felt. This becomes apparent at the latest with the clamping force. Even a well-filled ring binder with a lot of contents is held securely by our retaining clip and protected from slipping. When used carefully and correctly, our retaining clips last longer than the files themselves. Of course, you can also connect the retaining clips with our lever arch mechanism, so that you can rely on the best quality both when fastening and filing the pages. This enables you to easily make new binders or improve existing ones.