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Maxi Screw Arch Mechanisms Maxi Screw Arch Mechanisms
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Content 80 piece

Moog & Langenscheidt's screw mechanisms hold your high-quality sample collections securely together. Moog & Langenscheidt's various screw mechanisms make a great choice for your range of valuable samples which are bound together for presentation in a swatch or collection catalogue. The large, sturdy clips and the ability to screw the clips to the front surface and to the sturdy base plate which can be fastened with 4 rivets or screws means that your samples are securely and firmly attached. The various fill heights ranging from 60 mm to 80 mm, 100 mm and 120 mm mean that there's bound to be a version that's suitable for your project. Our screw mechanisms, which are mainly used for heavy swatches – for instance in wallpaper, carpet, fabric or parquet swatches – keep your valuable samples securely in place. The straight design of the screw clips means that the individual items in your swatch lie exactly on top of each other and there is a neat, clean border on every side. With these screw mechanisms in your swatches you have direct access to the various samples, you create a professional impression for your customer, and you present your sample collection in the best possible light. Our screw mechanisms are made of metal and the surface finish is nickel-plated. This surface finish means that our screw mechanisms blend seamlessly with your sample collections and without distracting people's attention from what is important (your collections). Despite their sturdy and robust design these screw mechanisms with a usable clip length of 80 mm and a clip diameter of approx. 5 mm are suitable for a standard punched hole, and consequently for a wide range of long-term uses. Due to the compact design of the 53 x 92 mm base plate, and the fact that there are no projecting components such as those which are found in other systems, you can use our screw mechanisms on their own. Or you have the option of using two screw mechanisms side by side in your swatch in order to provide increased stability, so that you have four clips for the filling arrangement. You're free to choose based on the specific purpose for which you are using them. The metal material is fully recyclable and reusable. These are all aspects which highlight the fact that our screw mechanisms are sustainable and environmentally friendly to use. If you have any questions about our screw mechanisms just get in touch with us. We'll be happy to help. So that we can be sure of providing you, our customer, with excellent product safety, our screw mechanisms comply with the REACH Regulation.