Lever arch mechanisms

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Hebelmechaniken 50 mm
Lever arch mechanisms
Content 200 piece (€52.44 * / 100 piece)
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Lever arch mechanisms from Moog & Langenscheidt are probably the most popular choice when it comes to effortless filing of a large amount of paper. The practical design allows quick access and removal of individual pages at any time. Our lever arch mechanism has several rivet holes in the base plate, which makes it easy to rivet into files or other organisational equipment. This guarantees a secure hold, even with heavy weights due to large amounts of paper. As the name suggests, the lever arch mechanism has a small lever on the side. This enables the mechanism to be opened cleanly by simply pushing it up. By pushing the lever down, the lever arch mechanism closes flush again. The lever also prevents unintentional opening; the pages can't fall out. At the same time, the easy handling makes filling, removing and exchanging the pages child's play. Due to the solid manufacture of the base plate and the brackets, the lever arch mechanism is extremely stable. This means that even a lot of filling material is held in place with ease. The lever arch mechanism is made of nickel-plated steel and due to its neutral colour it is suitable for any application. Our lever arch mechanisms are available in two heights. Once 50 mm, suitable for files with a narrow spine and in 73 mm, suitable for files with a wide spine. For both versions of the lever arch mechanism, the brackets provide you with a large surface for filing your pages. The curved shape of the brackets makes it easy to fold the pages over without catching them. The lever arch mechanism has a hole spacing of 80 mm, so any standard perforated paper can be filed there. You can use a separately available clip, which prevents the pages from slipping on the clip unintentionally. Even with well-filled folders, a clip holds the pages securely in place. Alternatively, you can also use one of our wire holders in addition to the clip. In combination with our filing mechanisms, you can use the lever arch mechanism not only for individual pages, but for entire folders and binders. You stick the filing mechanism to the back of the folder or binder and can file it in the lever arch mechanism. This allows you to quickly and easily store and organise several folders in one lever arch mechanism. This is often used for job application folders, for example.