Cover strips from Moog & Langenscheidt are important components of every filing mechanism, filing tab and quick fastener. They provide the necessary stability when filing punched papers. The cover strips produced in our company using the punching process have the requisite quality for this area of application. They are available as standard in gold-painted metal and white plastic. The standard hole spacing is 80 mm. Many of our long-standing customers benefit from the quality of our cover strips; see for yourself. Cover strips are simply placed on the filing tab and they already fulfil their purpose. They improve the hold of the sheets on the mechanism and also ensure a harmonious overall appearance. Thanks to our own toolmaking and punching shop, we can also implement a number of special requests with regard to cover strips. Whether you want a different format, a different hole spacing, different material or the like, we can meet your requirements. We will find an individual solution for your specifications. Please send us your inquiry. We'll be happy to put together an individual offer for you. Cover strips are needed wherever filing tabs are also used, for example, for all types of folders and folders. That's why each of our filing tabs and filing devices can be equipped with a cover strip. Our metal versions are very stable and robust. The plastic versions are very flexible and resistant. Both of them will serve your purpose. The most used cover strip is made of plastic. It is used in almost all binders and folders. The gold-lacquered metal versions are mostly used for high-quality folders, as they often have a more elegant appearance than the plastic versions. In addition to these two standard variants, there are also the elegant slide cover strips. They are the highest quality form of cover strips. As the name suggests, they have two built-in sliders which fold over and cover the staple tabs. The design of these cover strips is very popular for application, offer and contract folders, as they have a neat and elegant design. The closure strips are practical accessories for our cover strips and are made of metal and plastic. These are simply pushed onto the cover strip and the filing tab and cover strip are concealed. This way you can upgrade every binder and give it a high-quality appearance. The plastic cover strips are available in black and white. Different lengths ensure that the cover strip is flush with your folder.