Metal Compressor

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Moog & Langenscheidt's metal compressor bars have now become a virtually indispensable everyday item. They play an important part in almost every filing system. They're found almost anywhere where important papers, documents, or just school exercises, have to be held securely together. The metal compressor bars can be used together with our file prongs to protect and stabilise your hole-punched documents and to file them securely. The sheets are protected from coming loose, and the metal compressor bars together with our file prongs keep them securely in place. The metal compressor bars together with our file prongs provide a sturdy and permanent method of fixing your important documents in place. The metal material that they are made of makes them very robust so they can hold large amounts of paper securely, firmly and permanently in place. In order to prevent any unintended opening of them, as a “safety measure” you can also use our cover strips/bars. These are simply pushed over the metal compressor bar and the file prong. Not only does this cover strip/bar act as a safety device, it also makes a clean-looking connection with the filed documents along its entire length. We stock various sizes of standard metal compressor bars. They range from 9.5 x 90 mm to 12 x 95 x 0.18 mm, 10.5 x 97.4 mm, and 12 x 120 mm. We manufacture the metal compressor bars from a strip of metal by using a punching procedure, and they have a gold-painted surface which matches our various file prongs. An advantage for you: having our own production facilities and an in-house tool shop means that we can not only make large quantities of items, but also make special orders for you – but only on request. Simply ask us and we'll do our very best to find a solution that meets your needs, and we'll provide you with a corresponding quotation. By buying the Moog & Langenscheidt metal compressor bars which we manufacture on site at our premises, you are helping to save jobs in Germany. Experience for yourself the quality and performance that have been the hallmarks of Moog & Langenscheidt for over 100 years now. You'll be joining many other long-standing satisfied customers. And in order to be sure of being able to provide you, our customer, with excellent product safety, all our metal compressor bars comply with the REACH Regulation.