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Content 100 piece
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Content 100 piece

Moog & Langenscheidt cover strips/bars provide you with a clean-lined look in conjunction with your documents. The Moog & Langenscheidt cover strips/bars can be used very easily together with our file prongs and compressor bars or our various self-adhesive filing systems. They have a wide range of possible uses. They can be used as cover strips/bars in sales presentations, job application folders, image brochures or purchase agreements. And that's far from being all the possible uses. You can use these cover strips/bars in a whole variety of different ways. Wherever you are binding your hole-punched documents with file prongs and a compressor bar or one of our self-adhesive filing systems, you can use our cover strips/bars for a neat and tidy finish. What's more, when you use these cover strips/bars your documents are secured against any unintended opening of the file prongs and the compressor bar. When you use these cover strips/bars your bound documents make a clean and tidy impression in any folder or file. Regardless of whether you're using cover strips/bars in a business or personal context. And regardless of whether it's in an important job application file or an image brochure or a folder containing purchase agreements, or just in a bank statements folder. The cover strips/bars are just 2.5 mm thick, so they don't add any obtrusive extra height to the documents that are stored in your folder. With an external width of approx. 15 mm the cover strips/bars can be easily pushed onto our standard plastic filing strip fastener which is 12 mm wide and 95 mm or 120 mm long, with the result that the file prongs and compressor bar are simply covered and “hidden”. So you cover up the file prongs and compressor bar which are used to hold your documents in place, and you achieve a neat and tidy final appearance for your file or folder. In the case of the standard lengths of 210 mm or 297 mm the whole length of the filed documents is covered. The standard colours of these cover strips/bars are white and black. Special lengths and special colours are possible, but they have to be specially agreed. However, an appropriate minimum quantity must be ordered. The material from which the cover strips/bars is made is recyclable, and after use it can be reused, which helps to save the environment. In order to be sure of providing you, our customer, with excellent product safety, our cover strips/bars comply with the REACH Regulation.