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Moog & Langenscheidt's plastic compressor bars are a small but important component of any filing system and of any binder system, and also an important element that is used wherever hole-punched papers are filed using our file prongs. For example in the case of: job application files, folders containing purchase agreements, image brochures, loose-leaf binders, price lists or account statement folders. As you can see, they have a wide range of possible uses. The purpose of our compressor bars is to protect the hole-punched documents from being torn out and to make the filling arrangement more stable, and therefore to ensure that the documents stay permanently in place. Moog & Langenscheidt plastic compressor bars are manufactured by us in-house by using a punching procedure. The plastic compressor bars fulfil all the necessary requirements, they're flexible and also sturdy, and they do what they're meant to do regardless of the length of the compressor bars that you use for your documents and files. In the case of the standard version of these plastic compressor bars most of our customers tend to choose the white bars which we manufacture in-house. In the case of the standard versions, the hole spacing is 80 mm and we have several different sizes in our range: 12 x 95 mm, 10.5 x 97.4 mm, 12 x 120 mm or 13 x 130 mm, so you can be sure of finding a suitable size for your project. Something which is a big advantage for you is that our in-house tool shop enables us to produce large quantities at short notice, or alternatively to undertake special orders for you – but only on request. Simply ask us and we'll do our very best to find a solution that meets your needs, and we'll provide you with a corresponding quotation. In addition to the plastic compressor bars, you can also use our cover strips/bars. These are simply pushed over the compressor bar and file prong, and they provide a neat and elegant final appearance for your filed documents. Another accessory is our additional removable filing system which you can use together with our compressor bars and file prongs for filing your documents all together in one folder. By buying the Moog & Langenscheidt compressor bars which we manufacture on site at our premises you are helping to save jobs in Germany. Experience for yourself the quality and performance that have been the hallmarks of Moog & Langenscheidt for over 100 years now. Just like our many other satisfied customers. And in order to be able to provide you, our customer, with excellent product safety, all our plastic compressor bars comply with the REACH Regulation.